Tuesday, January 16News That Matters

DraftKings is testing a fantasy contest focused on a single NFL game

A few days ago DraftKings announced an NFL product called Showdown, which lets you play in a fantasize football tournament centered around simply a single football game.

This means that all your players will be drafted from simply the two teams playing in that game. Lineups will consist of only six musicians- four offensive players and two defensive players.

Later today it’s being tested for the first time during the Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints playoff game at 4:40 pm ET. And DraftKings plans to continue offering Showdown throughout the NFC and AFC championship game. If it’s well received, don’t be surprised to interpret DraftKings make it available during the regular season next year, or even expand it to other sports.

This new offering is important for a few reasons. First, it allows DraftKings to offer fantasy competitions well into the postseason and potentially during the course of its Super Bowl. Before this new offering the company expected consumers to draft NFL lineups with players from multiple games, necessitating customers couldn’t play on days with only one NFL game, like during the playoffs. In transform DraftKings likely has been missing out on a ton of missed revenue and devotee interaction during the time of the season where fans are most into the games.

It’s also important because the six-player structure used by Showdown simplifies fantasy athletics on DraftKings in general, inducing it more accessible to casual devotees who don’t like spend time perfecting their lineups and simply want to casually play to stimulate video games they’re watching more exciting.

The single-game format complies with all nation laws passed over the last few years that legislate daily fantasy sports, which all generally just require that contest not be based on the performance of a single team or athlete.

Going forward, expect to see more products from DraftKings and other daily fantasy sports providers that continue to simplify game is participating in an effort to appeal to a broader group of casual sports fans.