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Jaylen Brown: Trump’s Made It ‘More Acceptable For Racists To Speak Their Minds’

Jaylen Brown has spoken out about racism in the U.S. in persons under the age of Trump.

In a new interview with The Guardian, the Boston Celtics star said Donald Trump’s presidency had “made it a lot more acceptable for racists to speak their minds”

The 21 -year-old likewise shared more detailed information on the disgusting racist insult he stood on the court during his youth in Marietta, Georgia, in the article published online Tuesday.

“I’ve had people call me the n-word. I’ve had people come to basketball games garmented in monkey clothings with a jersey on. I’ve had people paint their look black at my plays. I’ve had people hurl bananas in the stands.”

Brown praised former San Francisco 49 er Colin Kaepernick for triggering protests against police brutality and systemic ethnic unfairnes by taking a knee during the national anthem before NFL plays last-place season.

Often everybody is comfy with their role in life and they forget about the people who are uncomfortable, ” he said. “So for Colin to set his vocation on the line, and sacrifice himself, was amazing.”