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Why the U.S. women’s gymnastics team is truly America at its finest.

America is in the midst of some tough dialogues. Strong sentiments and uncomfortable trues about race, politics, and social justice can make it seem like we’re more divided than ever.

There’s an unlikely home that we are able to look forward with hope, nonetheless:

The 2016 U.S. women’s gymnastics crew.

There are large-scale reasons we should celebrate the diverse group of female gymnasts representing the U.S. at the Olympics in Rio this year.

But there’s likely never been a better day for an Olympic squad to remind us that yes we should all be on the same crew, regardless of our background or skin color.

The five gymnasts representing the USA in the Olympics are fantastic, badass, and unbelievably talented :

1. Probabilities are you’ve heard of the awesomeness that is Gabby Douglas.

Photo by Ronald Martinez/ Getty Images.

“I do want to be sharper, ” Douglas explained. That may be a tough purpose to reaching, seeing as she dominated the sport in 2012, becoming the first black gymnast to win private individuals Olympic amber.

“When I look at my concerts, Im like, Oo, youre lagging behind, Gabs. The one thing I tell myself is to not get lazy. Good-for-nothing is handed to you; you always have to fight for yourself.”

2. Laurie Hernandez, the first U.S.-born Latina to join the team since 1984, is a standout at simply 16 years old.

Photo by Ezra Shaw/ Getty Images.

“Wow that’s all I are actually mention, ” Hernandez announced of joining a squad with such stellar players.< strong> Her passionate routines property her the nickname “human emoji.”

“I didnt realise how much mentally and physically older I get in the past four years, so looking back at this little girl watching the Olympics on her phone, I would never anticipate Id be here right now.”

3. Simone Biles is a 19 -year-old Texan who many consider to be among the greatest gymnasts of all time.

Photo by Ezra Shaw/ Getty Images.

“Im agitated about “ve been with” the girls all the time because we all know what its like to go through this, ” announced Biles, who has snagged a history-making 14 world-wide championship medals( and is just all-around awesome ). “We have each other to lean on, and I think thats the best thing that could have happened.”

4. Look out for Madison Kocian, who will be killin’ it on the uneven bars.

Photo by Ezra Shaw/ Getty Images.

“Its just something so special that I will never forget her announcing my identify, ” Kocian told of learning she was going to the Olympics. She won the uneven bars world title in 2015.

5. The team’s veteran athlete, Aly Raisman, is a Jewish 22 -year-old who’s allows one to bringing dwelling the gold, silver-tongued, and bronze.

Photo by Ezra Shaw/ Getty Images.

“I think it just hasnt genuinely sunk in yet, ” Raisman told of landing a spot on the team again this year after rivalling in 2012 an Olympics she finished as the team’s most decorated gymnast.

One of the one thing about the Olympics is that it brings our country together. That’s something the work requires this year, especially.

So far, it’s been a year fitted with sweeping front-page headlines as well as complexities and tough questions about race relations.

Is there widespread systemic racism in law enforcement? Are we mischaracterizing our brave men and women in blue-blooded ?

A Dallas vigil for the officers who were killed following an otherwise peaceful Black Lives Matter protest. Photo by G. Morty Ortega/ Getty Images.

America, we’ve got some soul-searching to do. And one inspirational Olympic team certainly won’t make these questions all very well to answer.

These five women, nonetheless, serve as a symbolic reminder of why our country is so great and why it’s vital we deter fighting for a better, more equal tomorrow.

Photo by Ronald Martinez/ Getty Images.